Change in the world is inevitable. Tomorrow's world presents rapid and compelling changes with its population growth, economic and social dynamics resulting from the rapid depletion of natural resources. Cleaning machine needs are also compelling reasons. The ability to do a lot of work in a short time, to be efficient, hygienic and economical is now a part of universal values. We as TekPas family have adopted these conditions well. Efficient, Ergonomic, with less cost for cleaning; We offer cleaning machine and equipment needs. About us; TekPas Makina is one of the companies that started to operate in Istanbul. It was established from the first team. The main purpose of the company is; To provide added value to our growing economy by serving with high quality products to Turkish industry. The goal of our services is to create full customer satisfaction. In return for the service; the long-term supply preference of its customers has been able to survive from the day it was established. Our company represents international companies in cleaning machines, vending machine and accumulator sectors. It has formed an experienced personnel infrastructure for each main sector. TEKPAS MACHINE; Our company is registered with Turkish Patent Institute.


Technical service; Our company serves general sales and after sales Turkey. Technical service is available in all our service in Turkey. No matter which brand your machine is, you can get help from us. We can send you an offer for original spare parts that are easy and cost-effective for your spare parts requests. Simply send an e-mail to It will be returned to you during the working day.

Brands we serve:
Fimap, Viper, CTM, IPC, Gansow, Soteco vacuum cleaners, Taski, Nilfisk, Karcher, Nilco, Wetrok, Lavor, Star cleaning machines, Columbus cleaning machines, Wirbel, Ghibli, Cleanvac, Cleanfix, Hako Saffron, Tennant, Commac, Plover For Power Wash, OMM, Formula, Hazan cleaning machines, you can request a quote from original spare parts. In today's age, while the costs are increasing gradually, why don't you take your money as quality. to do is to send an email to my email address or the telephone number 67 07 0212 671 General of Turkey is to reach us.

Quality; The quality word can mean different meanings according to the purpose of use. For many people, quality is expensive, luxurious, rare, superior and synonymous with similar concepts. According to the technicians, the quality is identical with the standards. Quality with a single sentence, compliance with the desired features. If we pay attention to the concept of quality here, the statement of conformity to the desired characteristics reveals the quality philosophy of our company. A machine with unnecessary cost-increasing functions is not a quality machine for us. Instead, an easy-to-use, ergonomic, understandable machine for us. We offer you the need for this QUALITY MACHINE with your requirements by filtering the conditions of our country very well.